True craftsmanship is one of the most crucial aspects of Charles Dean’s foundation. It is our immediate and long-term goal to preserve craftsmanship in this world by employing and acknowledging the unbelievable talent of those individuals that create products by hand.

In this day and age, artisans that specialize in a craft are becoming few and far between. Sourcing craftsmen is becoming increasingly difficult as generations of better-educated individuals seek employment in different fields leaving their family businesses in states of peril. Mass production has caused an increasing devaluation of the process that goes into the creation of a quality product as well as the artisans that are creating them. 

It is an initiative of Charles Dean to utilize these amazing artisans and to safeguard and support made-by-hand craftsmanship. By investing in Charles Dean, you will not only be investing in amazing pieces of clothing, but you will be directly supporting artisans and craftsmen. It is our goal that in addition to creating a unique and differentiated brand, that Charles Dean can make an impact in preserving crafts and craftspeople. 

For without the passion and detail born from craftsmen, there is nothing left of substance and beauty.