Charles Dean’s purpose is to combine the spirit and sensibility of past eras with our bold design aesthetic that leverages the finest fabrics and hand craftsmanship in the world. One of the areas we draw most on, is the 1930's. 

The Charles Dean aesthetic was born out of a desire to recapture times when fashion, art and clothing created a mood and an energy that was a major catalyst for change. In the process, everything gets a little bit bigger, braver and more fun. 

The Charles Dean man is one who finds passion in his pursuits and dresses in a way that embraces the Italian philosophy of 'La Bella Figura'. Charles Dean strives to align itself with this philosophy by creating pieces that emphasize quality, beauty and craftsmanship. The very essence of this philosophy is looking and acting your best in everything you do while savoring all that life has to offer. Charles Dean represents more than just dressing well, it represents how to live life with meaning.

I am viscerally inspired by the tailoring of the 1930’s. During that time, the silhouette of the suit was based on the “super hero” physique. Broad shoulders, high sleeve crowns and full lapels act as the foundation. It is Charles Dean’s goal to create compelling menswear that draws on the rich culture of past eras infused with contemporary flair.